04.03.2007 - hi! Due to no bug reports I assume that svbo works fine, so version 0.1 available now.
12.02.2007 - hola! Promised alpha2 on the servers. Download and enjoy.
10.02.2007 - hello! Alpha2 version almost ready, so keep coming, coz it can appear any day. What's new? Server functionality, FBS, preferences and improved menu. It starts to look really cool. Any ideas? Don't hesitate to e-mail me. Anyway in few days new alpha, just let me check whether any bugs left.
03.02.2007 - unfortunate accident destoryed all recent work (server functionality).
22.01.2007 - i've just added screenshot to summary page, check it out.
17.01.2007 - version 0.1alpha1 ready to download. Go to summary page and choose download or just click here.
09.01.2007 - web page started. Project is in alpha stage, usable though. If you are interested check svn repository here or browse code here.
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